January 13, 2016 - CHANSON-O-GRAMMES 2016!

Chanson-O-Grammes are custom love songs for your beloved ones! Once a year we offer this unique bilingual songwriting service to friends and fans worldwide. What could be more moving than hearing your story as a song? It was sparked when Krista heard songwriter Goh Nakamura was writing Valentine's songs for fans. She thought she'd offer this in French/English in Feb 2013 and see what would happen. Orders came in from around the world and she wrote 7 songs the first year. Click to hear samples COG's here

Each song is absolutely unique. Krista takes the information you provide (a few phrases or a few pages) and shapes into a song. We believe this is one of the most meaningful gifts you can offer someone. This year we are introducing a new payment method - "Pay What It's Worth" upon receipt of the song. 100% of the profits go directly towards the recording of Krista's new album. And all Chanson-O-Gramme alumni will be given a thank-you on the record. Maximum of 10 custom songs so get your order in early to avoid disappointment.

Email: hose *at* lederhosenlucil *dot* com for more info/to place your order today!

Chanson-O-Gramme testimonials:

"Véronique was touched and flabbergasted by the song. C'est tellement beau! she said, crying." Sébastien, Montreal, Quebec

" Neil loved the song and played it over and over." Carolyn, Toronto, Ontario

"I said something like "I've a song for you". I played it from my phone. I was shy and smiling and just waiting for him to realize that this was a song about him and for him! He seemed to get it pretty early and I watched his eyes get more and more watery as the song went on. It was very sweet. He gave me a big hug and said, "You're amazing. This is amazing." I think he was in a little bit of shock." Erin, Toronto, Ontario

"The most wonderful and thoughtful gift you could have given me." Josh, Austin, TX

"My fiance gave me a Chanson-O-Gramme for Valentine's Day and, being the sort of gal that hates the whole cliche Valentine's chocolates/flowers/teddy bears thing, I loved it! It was the perfect gift; quirky, personal, unique and truly memorable. Without a doubt the best thing anyone's ever given to me." Rosie B., Cisauk, Indonesia

"Liana and I were geographically apart for the week of Valentine's Day, so I had to have something really good planned. And Krista delivered!" David, Brooklyn, NY

"The best gift anyone has ever given me". Yay!" Ashley, Kingston, Ontario

*Disclaimer: These songs are for personal use only (mais oui!). hypo productions/Krista Muir retain all the rights to the music/lyrics which are copywritten. If you'd like to buy the song outright for commercial purposes please contact us to discuss.