December 30, 2016 - Happy New Year! Digital Storyteller-in-residence = MERCI! Daily tous les jours!

ZAP! Months passed and it’s now 2017 and I veered from the pre-prod recording phase of “The Tides” to throwing myself headfirst into an amazing opportunity that arose in Montreal. For two months I was the Artist-in-residence/Digital Storyteller at interactive design company Daily tous les jours, taking over their instagram account @dailytlj and posting photos, odes and mini videos capturing the essence of the studio as I experienced it through my lens as music-maker and guerrilla filmmaker. Armed with equipment (bring on the learning curves!) and plenty of archival material I began my journey – jumping headfirst into their world and discovering the fun role of “studio jester/in-house storyteller.” OUI!

If your studio, company, coop, or non-profit is seeking creative documentation of your inner workings get in touch. Here's a glimpse into the surreal world at Daily tous les jours...

Soleil Bleu Ciel from Daily tous les jours on Vimeo.